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   Welcome to the ABATE of Oklahoma website!  

The Mission statement of ABATE of Oklahoma is to promote and defend motorcyclist' freedom,
safety and awareness through education and legislation to make Oklahoma the best place to ride!

2017 SMILE Convention and Registration

On-line registration thru this site is now available. Unfortunately, we can only register one (1) individual per transaction.

If you are a member, please log-in to the site, then go to the event and register yourself.
  If you are a member and register without logging in on the website, the website will log you as a non-member and the website host then charges you an additional $2 convenience fee that ABATE of OK does not get. Please ensure to log-in, or contact the webmaster (Bob Mobley) @ 405-761-8528, Shawna Scholten @ 580-977-4279 or Kim Mobley @ 405-761-8524 for assistance if you can't log-in.

If you are registering another member, upon log-in, you will need to select "sign-up another member" and locate that individual through the search tab (searching by their last name), then selecting them from the list provided and continuing from there. Once the registration process is completed, it will send an email to the "member" that was just registered.

If you are registering a "non-member", once logged in and at the "register now" page, you would then select "sign up a non-member", then provide a first and last name of the individual to add as well as an email address. A confirmation will be sent to the email you just entered.

If you seem to be experiencing any difficulties registering, please contact the webmaster (Bob Mobley 405-761-8528) sometime after 5:30pm while you are able to sit at your computer and we will walk through it together to resolve any issues. If you hit my voice mail, I will return your call as soon as I am at a point that I can and we will take care of this as soon as possible.

March 10-12, 2017.

If you decide that you would like to arrive early, you can make use of the $79 special nightly rates beginning on Wed., March 8th through Sun. morning, Mar 12th.
Hotel reservations are up to each individual (or group) to make, ABATE of OK is not handling that matter.
Be sure to call the front desk (405)-842-6633 to make your reservations and don't forget to mention "ABATE 17" to receive your $79 special room rates.
Reservations are now open!

State Board Meeting

Our next State Board Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, Mar 11, 2017 at the Tower Hotel, OKC at 9:30-ish AM.

Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF)

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF), incorporated in 1987, is a membership-based national motorcyclist' rights organization headquartered in Washington, D.C. The MRF monitors and when necessary, sways federal legislation and regulatory action that pertains to street riders. The MRF concerns itself with what is going on in area of motorcycling safety education, training, licensing and public awareness. The MRF provides members and state motorcyclist' rights organizations with direction and information to protect motorcyclists' rights and motorcycling. The MRF sponsors annual regional and national educational seminars for motorcyclists' rights activists and publishes a bi-monthly newsletter - The MRF Reports.

Mission Statement:

"To promote awareness and education in the motorcycle community to improve rider safety.
To Educate non-riders globally in he interest of all riders' safety.

Let's attempt to get more members of ABATE of OK to join the MRF and get our voices heard, not just here at home, but in Washington D.C. as well!

Click here to join the MRF

Don't forget to check out the calendar link below for events that have been posted for the upcoming months.
If your event isn't posted, be sure to notify Kim Mobley with details to get it added!